CB Data Fox Quick Start!

Please follow the steps below to get started...

IMPORTANT: The software uses tabs just like a browser. Be sure to close all open tabs before shutting down the software or it might freeze up when starting it again and it tries to load all of the data in the tabs at once. If you forget and the software freezes, use Task Manager in Windows to terminate the software. Then when you start it back up again, don't click on anything until you close each of the tabs from left to right.

Step 1

Select The CB Marketplace Icon

Click on the "Navigation" bar on your left and select the "CB Marketplace" icon to open it.

Step 2

Open the filter editor

Right-click directly on the "Product Title" column header and select "Filter Editor" from the list.

Step 3

Set your filter criteria

Click on each of the 3 criteria links and set your filter criteria and then click OK.

See the User Guide for examples and easy-to-follow instructions. 

Contact me if you have any issues or need additional assistance: