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Warning: This is a Proven Software Product that WILL put "autopilot income" in your account, maximizing each sale and commission you make, but it's only for smart marketers who are mentally stable, and who aren't afraid to face reality.

Because, Let's Face It...

Not everyone is cut out for Internet Marketing.

Some people get into this business and dabble around in it like they're playing lotto, hoping to do a little scratch, scratch, scratch and win a fortune.

And that's just fantasy.​

Meanwhile, the buying public is getting smarter and more demanding...

Marketing strategies that worked before no longer do. A lot of potential buyers are clued-in to all the tricks, and they aren't falling for them anymore.

And that makes it tough on the rest of us, because now every offer looks like a trick.

And proof of how hard things are getting now is made crystal clear from the undeniable fact that...

...The Warrior Forum IS DYING. It's Got One Foot Already In The Grave and The Other Is Slipping In Fast!

FACT: That forum alone used to make some Internet Marketers mid 5-figures per year using nothing more than their forum signatures. Not anymore.

Ownership changed, spam flooded the forum, and many of the successful Internet Marketers stopped making money. So they abandoned the Warrior Forum, and moved on.

And that's a true indicator of how difficult it is going to be in 2016 for many Online Marketers.

When the biggest, most prestigious Internet Marketing forum in the World - a place that has literally been the starting point of more millionaire marketers than any other venue - collapses...

...the smarter Internet Marketers know what's coming...

...and when something no longer works, no longer pays the bills, you adapt and move on...even if it means starting from scratch with something new.

And sure, you can visit the Warrior Forum right now and it seems quite active.

But did you know that the Warrior Forum has doubled it's membership since Freelancer bought it...and yet the number of people who visit the Warrior Forum daily is now cut in half?!

The "Writing on the Wall" is only unseen by people in denial of the the folks wearing permanently set rose-colored glasses.

But The Problem Isn't Limited To What's Been Happening (Or Hasn't) On The Warrior Forum.

Amazon Affiliates

How can affiliates hope to earn commissions from product reviews, when people won't click their buttons or links, and they can simply login to Amazon to complete their purchases?

Amazon competes directly against you, and that means you lose most of the time.

And it doesn't matter how good your review is or how targeted the traffic is when it comes to Amazon.

Even Brian Clark of Copyblogger admitted in a recent podcast that, like others he knew, he would read Amazon product reviews on blogs, but when it came time to make the purchase, he just swiped the product title off the page, logged into Amazon and bought direct.

Internet Marketing giants Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher tried and tested numerous ways to beat Amazon at its own game.

Their conclusion? You can't win with Amazon, period.

Blog Marketing

This works great if you can provide enough quality content to stay in peoples' minds long enough for them to keep coming back and check out your other content...and eventually subscribe to your list (if they ever do).

​But information is easy to get, and easy to FORget.

You might get some viral traffic now and then, but you'll have to put out a lot of great content to make a living from it.

And Let's not kid ourselves, Content Marketing is damned hard, and unless you're a true expert at something or can afford to outsource the content creation, you're just wasting time, energy and resources on a blog alone.

That's why blogging works best when done in conjunction with product creation, providing services, or doing comparative product reviews (the bait and switch kind) as an affiliate.

Email Marketing

Still the best way to start making money online.

The main problem here is that you are competing hard against other affiliates to have your email even opened, much less to have them read, links clicked, and the products purchased.

I recall what happened when Explaindio Version 2 launched (How could I forget?).

About 12 hours before the upgrade pre-launch, Todd Gross talked Andrew Darius (owner of Explaindio) into launching at midnight instead of early the next morning.

Result? Todd immediately sent out an email to his gazillion subscribers, many of whom were also subscribed to other affiliates' lists (including my own), and got the upper hand on everyone for the entire upgrade launch.

Most of us were clueless until that morning, when the launch was meant to actually take place, and saw that Todd had already amassed a lot of affiliate sales before the rest of us had even begun to mail out. Talk about feeling hosed...

But that's part of email marketing as an affiliate. Sometimes you're promoting something on equal ground and sometimes not...and you usually don't know for sure. You just treat your subscribers as good as you can, mail out, and hope for the best.

Some marketplaces have groups of affiliates (syndicates) that DOMINATE the action at every turn and make it really hard for new affiliate marketers or product creators to get ahead.

Unless you're promoting products on trustworthy marketplaces, like Warrior Plus, for example, you're at a disadvantage before you ever begin.

But I'll show you in a minute why being inside your potential customer's email inbox isn't the best place to get a sale anyway.

Product Creation

In product creation, there are 4 primary product levels with varying degrees of perceived value (in Internet Marketing anyhow): Note - there are exceptions, I'm just giving you some rough averages.

  • Ebooks - The time when making a killing from selling an ebook was really possible is really over. Still, new sellers every day try and fail. The perceived value of ebooks is that they are worth an email optin (sometimes), and maybe worth $0.99 - $10 at most beyond that.
  • Graphics - Still a steady earner, but you need to offer a massive quantity to get more than $17 for them. Beyond $47 is pretty much out of the question. But most sellers don't have the skills to put together a quality graphics package anyway (unless it's a repackaged collection of PLR).
  • Video/Audio Courses - Depends more on reputation than any other type of product. If you're Frank Kern, $1500 and up. If you're Frank Dern, $1500 and up (if you're lucky). Most courses go for $17 to $37 for the average Joe (I mean, Frank).
  • Software - Plugins will get you $17 - $47, SaaS (Online Software) will bring you $27 - $67, and Desktop Software will bring you $27 - $67. Sometimes that's recurring, and that's where the money is really made.

In most cases with Product Creation, success is more about how you market and to whom than anything else.

So what is the problem with Product Creation?

The problem is that for most product creators, creating anything other than an ebook isn't possible. They don't have the skills to create anything else.

So they don't have anything of higher value to offer in a sales funnel as an upsell, and as a consequence, have no sales funnel.

That means they can't afford to drive traffic to their offer with paid ads, and they can't get enough affiliates signed up to promote. I've been there!

They're screwed from the get-go and limited to making low income, if any.

Still, they had the courage to focus and believe in themselves enough to finish a product to completion, and that's something. It's just not a lot of green-something.

But You Don't Have To Settle For Failure Or For Second Rate Income!

Wouldn't it be nice if nothing was standing in your way from making a ton of money online?

...If nobody was trying to kill your potential, because they couldn't?

...If it didn't even matter if you had a big subscriber list or not?

...If you could avoid pissing off your customers with multiple upsell offers, because you didn't need to?

...If everything you sold or promoted as an affiliate made you multiple times what you make right now, and each time you make a sale?

...If even your one product - an ebook - could make you a small fortune?

Impossible! Nonsense! Hogwash! a sense...the naysayers are right!

Google, Amazon, ClickBank, etc...will never quit changing and moving the traffic compass where they want it to go. Your individual success or failure is not their concern. If you fail because of a change they make, you are Collateral damage and that's all.

They'll never quit doing things that will give sellers' and affiliates' lips a break from having to kiss their butts, and they'll never prefer you and me over well-established brands. Never.

Affiliate syndicates will continue to dominate email lists, collect subscribers like a farmer collects and fences in a herd of milk-cattle, and surpass your promotions easily with their own.

Because ad costs are rising dramatically, you'll need to add more and more upsells to your funnel, or spend a lot of money to develop higher priced products, just to make enough money to recoup your losses, make some profit, and keep going.

The bottom line is this: The tide is changing, and for some Internet Marketers 2016 is going to be the year when a lot of people quit Internet Marketing completely and keep their job or get a new one.

The Question Is...Will That Be YOU?


It Doesn't Have To Be.



Income Multiplier Software

Fully Brandable

Special Introductory Offer

8 "In Demand" Software Products Ready for You to Brand as Your Own.

Have a look at everything you're going to have in your power with these 8 premium software applications for Windows PCs using the Product Presto Brander!

Your CASH EXPLOSIVE Monetization Weapon

Multiply your earnings on autopilot with the embedded browser

The Internal Browser

Each software includes an embedded browser that your customers see every time they start the software.

Promote your own products.

Promote products as an affiliate.

Promote CPA offers.

Promote your blog or store.


Simply use the Product Presto Brander to point the browser link to Any Responsive WordPress Page or HTML Page You Want. Provide The Link to the Page and You're Done! It's That Easy.

With the internal browser inside each of the 8 software, you'll be able to.....

1. Continue making sales without any extra effort, when you sell or give away the software.

2. Offer as many products as you like. Each time your customer starts any of the software, you've got a chance at making another sale!

3. Gain Immediate exposure for any offer or page online you want to promote, even if it's a Facebook page, CPA offer, or a review blog.

You're in control of what your customers see, and nobody can stop you or tell you "no"...

4. Sell ad space or promote other sellers' offers for a fee! It's YOUR software, your browser. You decide what you want to show, and there are no limits.

31 Attractive Skin Designs to Choose From

Below are 10 samples of the 31 skin designs you can choose from and apply to your software.

Change the look and feel of your software at the click of a button to match your niche, product and customer.


Display Panels

Attractive display panels gives your customers a visual guide for navigating through their data.

They can easily click on listings and see the information they need without having to open the data window. Super fast and convenient!

Free Trials

Want to offer a free trial to your software? No problem.

Set up a free trial and limit it according to the number of times users open the software.

Open a form at the end of the free trial for users to click and buy your non-trial version.

Professional Installer

No need to wrestle with some third-party installer.

Each software has a professional installer built right in!

No complicated configuration needed. Give your software a name and you're done. How easy is that?

Pre-load Content

Want to give or sell your customers some content, like articles, ebooks, videos, etc... and include it in the software? Easy to do.

You can add the content for your customers inside the software and the installer will include all of the content during the installation process.

10 Minute Setup (Max)

The Product Presto Brander has been created with ease of setup in mind all the way.

It will take you less than 10 minutes to completely change the branding, look and feel of each of the software.

So simple your Grandmother could do it, guaranteed.

Provide Updates

Provide updates to your software whenever you like.

When users download and install your new version, the software uninstalls the previous version and replaces it with the new one.

None of your customer's personal data is ever affected by updates you provide.

Rock Solid Software That Works Flawlessly - Your Customers Will Thank You!

All 8 of the software and brander was beta-tested with multitudes of people over a long period of time, and it wasn't released until every glitch was ironed out completely across every Windows version and computer system setup known to man.

With Product Presto, you'll have ZERO issues, and ZERO support requests about bugs. And even if you do have a strange glitch happen to one of your customers now and then, you can contact us and we'll be on it ASAP!

Over 8 Years (yes, really, 8 years) went into the development and fine-tuning of the software framework, and it has been perfected with pinpoint precision.

Watch the demo video below to see how quickly, easily and completely you can brand each of these software. (the example shown took the presenter 10 minutes while explaining)

Now Have A Look At The 8 Premium Software We Want You To Have!

Software #1 - PLR Manager

This is the one we put to the test to see...

1. If people would buy it - We sent just over 2,500 visitors to the offer and made about 300 sales. It converted at over 12%.

2. If people would keep it and not want a refund - Of the 300 people who purchased it, we had 1 refund.

3. If people would use it - Google Analytics on the site where the internal browser is pointed to showed more than 28% frequent users, 17% once-per-week users, and 33% now-and-then users.

4. If people would buy something else from us through the embedded browser - On our home page in the browser, we had 3 offers. Two of the offers pulled in over 110 additional sales, the other offer made only about 12 additional sales.

Most Internet Marketers have a ton of plr products sitting on their hard drive, disorganized and wasting away.

"Information Overload" doesn't just apply to the over-abundance of selling and marketing strategies, but to all that stuff we buy that we intend to use, but for some reason forget about and never do.

The PLR Manager Software Solves That Problem for Your Customers...And Then Some.

Just Look at The Time-saving Features Your Customers Will Enjoy With Your Branded Copy of PLR Manager!

Your customers can keep track of all their plr products information, easily and quickly.

  • Videos, Ebooks, Audios, Graphics, Articles, and Software.
  • Product photo, notes, name, category, subcategory, license type, plus one-click access to view the license.
  • Product release date, date purchased, purchase price, receipt, PayPal Transaction ID, Marketplace Purchase ID.
  • Product location on their hard drive, plus one-click access to a sample file that will display as soon as they click - a video from a video package, ebook pdf, photo, etc..,

Everything they need to know about their plr products and purchase with One Click.

  • One-click to the site where they purchased the product. One-click to the file location online. One-click access to the seller support page, One-click to send the seller a message to their email. One-click to display the printed receipt file.
  • And advanced categorization for easy navigation, plus they can connect one product in a package to another product in the same package. This is useful for keeping ebooks and videos distinct, but being able to see when they are in the same package.

Screenshot of the Display Panel


Screenshot of the Task Manager Display Panel

Screenshot of the Built-In Word Processor

Screenshot of the Outsourcing Display Panel

Screenshot of the Related Keywords Finder

PRICE ALERT! PLR Manager Fully Brandable Version WILL Be Sold For $37 On It's Own with the Product Presto Brander After January 14th, 2016!

Software #2 - Recipes Software

A Recipes Manager That Can Be Used To Promote Anything Where Food Is Part Of The Niche. You Can Even Include Your Own Recipes In The Software For Your Customers.

Screenshot of the Recipes Display Panel

Full Screenshot of the Recipes Software With Display Panel

PRICE ALERT! Recipes Manager Fully Brandable Version WILL Be Sold For $27 On It's Own with the Product Presto Brander After January 14th, 2016!

Software #3 - Property Flip Software

The Property Flipping Niche Is Really Huge. With People Still Reluctantly Using Excel Spreadsheets, You've Got A Crazy Money Making Opportunity With This One.

Screenshot of the Property Display Panel

Screenshot of the Incoming Offers Display

Screenshot of the Birdog (Bird Dog) Display

Screenshot of the Location Display Panel

Full Screenshot of the Software With One of the Display Panels

PRICE ALERT! Property Flip Manager Fully Brandable Version WILL Be Sold For $37 On It's Own with the Product Presto Brander After January 14th, 2016!

Software #4 - Automotive Software

An Incredibly Useful Software Program for Automotive Dealers, Auto Maintenance Service Providers, and Even For People Who Sell Vehicles On Craigslist!

Screenshot of the Vehicle Display Panel

Screenshot of the Insurance Display Panel

Screenshot of the Loan Company Display

Screenshot of the Auto Photo Display Panel

Full Screenshot of the Software and One of the Display Panels

PRICE ALERT! Automotive Software Fully Brandable Version WILL Be Sold For $37 On It's Own with the Product Presto Brander After January 14th, 2016!

Software #5 - Website Manager

Pretty Much Anyone Doing Anything Online Who Owns Websites or Blogs Can Use This One. Just Like With the PLR Manager, People Need Something to Help Themselves Stay Organized!

Screenshot of the Website Display Panel

Screenshot of the Hosting Display Panel

Screenshot of the Registrar Display Panel

Full Screenshot of the Software With One of the Display Panels

PRICE ALERT! Website Manager Fully Brandable Version WILL Be Sold For $27 On It's Own with the Product Presto Brander After January 14th, 2016!

Software #6 - Offline Marketing Manager Software

Every Single Offline Marketer Can Use This, and You Won't Have Any Problem Finding People Who Will Want It. Use the Internal Browser to Promote Your Services or Products to a Hungry Audience, and Provide the Software As An Upsell or Bonus!

Screenshot of the Company Display Panel

Screenshot of the Outsources Display Panel

Screenshot of the Hosting Reseller Accounts Display Panel

Screenshot of the Contacts Display Panel

Screenshot of the Tasks Display Panel

Full Screenshot of the Software With One of the Display Panels

PRICE ALERT! Offline Marketing Software Fully Brandable Version WILL Be Sold For $27 On It's Own with the Product Presto Brander After January 14th, 2016!

Software #7 - Affiliate Marketing Manager

For Affiliates Who Need to Keep Track of Their Promotions and Commissions, This Is a GREAT Software Application for Doing That. Brand It. Sell It. Give It Away As A Bonus. You Can't Lose.

Screenshot of the Program Display Panel

Screenshot of the Keyword Display Panel

Screenshot of the Product Display Panel

Screenshot of the Website Display Panel

Full Screenshot of the Software and One of the Display Panels

PRICE ALERT! Affiliate Marketing Software Fully Brandable Version WILL Be Sold For $27 On It's Own with the Product Presto Brander After January 14th, 2016!

Software #8 - Property Manager

For Anyone Who Rents Any Kind of Property - Homes, Apartments, Land - This Is a Much Needed Software Application For A Massive Market!

Screenshot of the Property Display Panel

Screenshot of the Rent Payment Display Panel

Screenshot Showing What Adding a New Schedule Looks Like (Display Window)

Screenshot of the Tenants Display Panel

Screenshot of the Repair Scheduler Display Panel

Screenshot Showing the Contractor Display Panel

Full Screenshot of the Software With One of the Display Panels

PRICE ALERT! Property Manager Fully Brandable Version WILL Be Sold For $37 On It's Own with the Product Presto Brander After January 14th, 2016!

But Who Can Sell These Software And Really Make a Lot of Money With Them?


You see, there's simply no place better to be as an Internet Marketer than on a potential customer's computer desktop. Your icon, perched as a shortcut to your software. Nothing better, period.

Even email marketing doesn't quite compare. Open rates for email promotions are dismal. 5% to 10% for most.

And even then you're pushing one promotion at a time, and usually at the same time as other affiliates. You don't have much of an advantage.

Now, don't get me wrong. You need a list, regardless. It still works when done right, and it's still the best thing you can do to make money online.

And with the free trial feature you can use with these 8 software, Product Presto will help you build a list faster and better than ever before.

But with Product Presto, you'll go WAY beyond having to depend on email opens and clicks.

With just the internal browser in each software alone, you'll make sales and commissions on complete autopilot, just as we have.

But Who Uses Desktop Software Anymore? Doesn't Everyone Use Online Apps Now?, actually, they don't.

In fact, the majority of the buying public is over 45 years old, and they are the crowd who used desktop software for years before there was ever a hint of online apps.

People still prefer owning computer software - maybe it's the feeling of nostalgia for some, but the main reason is probably having a feeling of true ownership, versus feeling like they are renting something.

And you know that old saying: "Why rent when you can own?"

Not only that, but privacy concerns of online apps are still an issue, and generally online apps don't have near the power of functionality that computer software does.

Online apps are great for when collaboration is necessary or if you really need access through your phone when on the go; for a lot of people though, online apps aren't necessary for everything...not even for most things.

And remember, we sold 300 copies of PLR Manager at above 12% conversion rate, and only had 1 refund. That's very telling.

Here's What You'll Be Able To Do With The 8 Software Applications And Using The Product Presto Brander

Fully Brand each of the Software. It's YOUR software. You Brand It, You Own It. Zero Restrictions.

  • Provide customers and potential customers with software they'll own and love to use. They'll thank you for it and want to buy more stuff from you.
  • Make money. Not only by selling the software (unless you choose to give it away), but by promoting products inside the software browser home page. Simply point the browser link (easy to do) to any responsive WordPress page or HTML page you want.
  • Brand the software with your own icon and opening splash screen. No better location to be than on your user's desktop, and you'll own that space. Not only that, but we provide you hundreds of ready-to-use icons and splash screens, so you don't have to worry about it.
  • Easily and Fully brand the software. It will take you 10 minutes tops to fully brand any of the software, and your customers won't see a hint of the Product Presto brand anywhere.
  • Provide Updates. Your software users are going to love how the software updates work. They won't have to manually uninstall the previous version, and they won't lose any of their personal data they already have in the software.
  • Pre-load the software with content. Although you should be careful not to load too much content inside the software so you can keep the file size of the installation down, this is a great way to give your customers content you want them to have.
  • Choose from any of 31 software designs. Easy peasy. Just click one button, make your choice, and voila'! It's that easy to match up your design to your offer, niche or type of customer.
  • Change just about anything you want. Not only can you change the overall design, browser page, icon and splash screen, but you can change (if you want) the sidebar navigation icons, labels, and titles. We show you how.

Valuable  Bonus!

Ready-made Shortcut Icons and Splash Screens.

We know the only possible big headache anyone is going to have with branding the 8 software is creating the desktop shortcut icons and opening splash screens.

So for your convenience, we have included hundreds of ready-to-use icons and splash screens with your purchase.

The icons are already in the .ico format and the splash screens are already sized perfectly. Load the ones you like for any of the software in less than 30 seconds, and you're done.

We've also made sure they are stylish by modern standards and cover every type of niche. We're sure you'll find many you like among the collection.

If you have some skills with Photoshop or Gimp, you can also add any text you like on the splash screens, but it isn't necessary.

Step by Step Tutorial Videos and A Comprehensive User Guide Make Branding Your Software A Walk in the Park.

We don't believe in making our customers play guessing games, and you won't have to guess what to do at any point in the branding process.

You'll have access to step by step videos, plus User Guide to make the branding a painless, headache-free experience.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try "Product Presto Income Multiplier Software - Fully Brandable" Risk Free for 90 Full Days

Our refund policy is as rock solid as our software. Try it out for 90 full days. Brand the software. Give away the software. Sell the software. If you can't make back your investment, send us a support request before the 90 days is up, and we'll refund your money - all of it - the same day you request it. That's as risk free as we can make it.

You're not wasting your time purchasing Product Presto. Not at all.

Click the Button Below and Order Right Now at the Lowest Price and Get Started Making Money With Your New Software Today!

You'll be really glad you did.

Warning: We don't use fake scarcity or urgency. When we say the price is going up at a specific time, we mean it. You have until the timer runs out below to get this offer at a huge discount. This is an introductory offer, and the price will never be this low again, period. Don't let hesitation make you miss this opportunity.

7 DAY DISCOUNT PRICE BELOW Expires When the Timer Hits Zero. Click the Button Below and Buy Now.


P. S. Keep in mind, these 8 software applications will be sold on their own for $27-$37 each with the Product Presto Brander after July 14th, 2016. Grab all 8 premium software now with the brander for a one-time low fee. SAVE OVER $200 and add multiple streams of income to your offers and promotions right now!

P. S.S. And remember, you're getting hundreds of high quality and stylish, ready-to-use desktop shortcut icons and splash screens for your software, saving you both money and the hassle waiting on a design.

How many computers can I run the brander on?

Run it on as many as you like. Give a copy to one or more Virtual Assistants too if you want. Just don't mass distribute the brander. Don't sell it and don't offer it as a freebie for optins or on sharing sites.

Can I brand software for clients so they can sell it with their branding?


Do you provide free updates and upgrades?

Yes. You get lifetime access, lifetime updates, and lifetime upgrades for both the Product Presto Brander and all 8 Software, unless you request a refund.

Will you help with support for my customers?

Yes. We doubt you'll have any issues, but in case you run into a strange situation you can't figure out, do contact us and we'll help you get your customer's issue cleared up for you as best as we can.

Is this newbie friendly?

It's not for absolute newbies, no. You should know how to create a web page using WordPress and how to set up an autoresponder. If you don't know how to do those basic things, then this is not for you.

How many times can I brand the software?

As many times as you want. Make different versions, multiple versions, whenever and however many times you choose.

Can I sell the brander too?

No. The software is yours. The brander is ours, but you'll have an opportunity to buy a generic brander that you can give to your customer's after you buy the offer on this page.

Can I give away the software I brand?

It's your software, so of course you can.

What kind of updates or upgrades are you planning?

We're already working on version 2 for the Product Presto Brander and all 8 software. ETA mid-2016.

We'll also be coming out with different software, which you'll be able to purchase at a subscriber discount and brand with the Product Presto Brander just as you can now.

How do I contact Support?

Contact support and we will be in touch with you promptly.

You can also click the support link at the bottom of this page.