Learn How To Use The Features Of CPanel For Controlling Your Website Related Operations

cPanel was created by a teenager a long time ago to help beginning webmasters perform functions for their websites without having to know a lot about the technical side of things.

Not every hosting company provides a cPanel, but most do. Unless you’re using a managed WordPress hosting platform like Kinsta (recommended), you should make sure the hosting you do use has a cPanel. It will save you a lot of headaches, plus it’s free.

With cPanel you can create email accounts, back up your website, install WordPress, set up some basic security for your site, view visitor logs, and a lot more.

It also provides a section for accessing all of the files for your site, so you can easily retrieve them, upload new files, and edit them directly through the File Manager interface if needed.

Should you ever change hosting accounts, you’ll be able to download your website files, plus your database files, and transfer them manually. If your new hosting provider also offers cPanel, then they can even do the transfer for you quick and easy, with no effort on your part.

The video tutorials below covers all the basics of using cPanel for your website: