Learn How to Set Up and Use Amazon S3 for File Storage and More

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been around a long time now and grown to be a monolithic platform for any and all kinds of web development. The typical business won’t need AWS, but certainly if you’ll be offering digital downloads or storing files online, it offers an excellent service for those purposes through it’s S3 buckets.

And because they give you a full year of storage for free (up to 5 GB), including a generous bandwidth allowance, plus free use of several other Amazon services during that time, it’s worth setting up an account and trying it out.

Setting up S3 storage buckets is easy, but you’ll want to learn how to secure those buckets, provide limited access to them, and set up ways to share the files when you want by assigning permissions or creating bucket policies.

Additionally, you might want to tinker with how to set up a static website on S3 for the fun of it, or how to convert Amazon S3 buckets into fully functional CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), through “Cloudfront”, for serving your website files to others around the World, much faster than you could by only serving them through your hosting account.

Watch the video tutorials below to learn how to start setting up and using Amazon S3: