Learn How To Set Up And Use Google Analytics For Tracking Your Website Visitors

Privacy concerns have become a prominent issue in recent years, and tracking has come under a lot of fire. It has led EU lawmakers to pass a policy called GDPR that protects citizen privacy. It even spawned a new, privacy-centric browser called “Brave“. Brendan Eich, the former CEO and co-founder of Mozilla, created the browser. He is also the inventor of Javascript.

But tracking is beneficial, and not only to website owners. Using proper tracking helps discover peoples’ interests to serve them more relevant data. This data can be in the form of product matching or information.

People generally use Google Search to find something specific. But within that specificity is a range of related material that can help. They can make comparisons and learn how other products might be more suitable for them. They can even learn about related products they haven’t considered before.

And this is where tracking becomes a useful tool for webmasters. Google Analytics help them gain insight about what website visitors need and want.

The video tutorials below will help you set up Google Analytics and learn how to use all the basic features.